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2029 Will be the Perfect Year to Launch a Mission to Sedna

Crunch 05 Jan 2022
Nasa Object 90377 Sedna - a distant transneptunian object best known for its highly elliptical, 11,390-year-old orbit - is currently en-route to perihelion (its closest approach to the Sun) in 2076 ... The orbit of dwarf planet candidate 90377 Sedna (red) compared to Jupiter (orange), Saturn (yellow), Uranus (green), Neptune (blue), and Pluto (purple).

Introducing ‘The Goblin’: A new, distant dwarf planet bolsters evidence for Planet X

Astronomy 02 Oct 2018
Just two, 2012 VP113 and 90377 Sedna have a perihelion (the point of an object’s orbit closest to the sun) farther out than The Goblin, and its orbit actually takes it far beyond them at its most distant point ... sun at maximum, putting it more than twice as far out as Sedna.

Stealing Sedna

Universe Today 06 Aug 2015
Turns out, our seemly placid star had a criminal youth of cosmic proportions. A recent study out from Leiden Observatory and Cornell University may shed light on the curious case of one of the solar system’s more exotic objects. 90377 Sedna.(...)Read the rest of Stealing Sedna (1,028 words) © David Dickinson for Universe Today, 2015. […]>... .

The Encore To NASA’s Unveiling Of Pluto — The Kuiper Belt To Discover The Origins Of Our World

The Inquisitr 24 Jul 2015
Thousands of icy objects and a few dwarf planets call the belt home — among them Eris, Haumea, Makemake — but there’s also 50000 Quaoar and its moon; 90377 Sedna, which has an unusual orbit; and object, 2012 VP113, which has its own orbit, the International Business Times added ... But NASA needs money for this mission ... .

Galaxy’s guardians make the case: upgrade Pluto back to planet-size!

The Guardian 05 Oct 2014
Eight years ago it was relegated to dwarf planet status ... Just cos I'm small … Pluto, several billion miles from where you're sitting ... Age ... What happens if we do let Pluto back in? Well, there’s a chance that other distant trans-Neptunian objects – such as Triton or Eris or 50000 Quaoar or 90377 Sedna – could also qualify for official planetary status.

New Object Offers Hint of "Planet X"

Sky & Telescope 26 Mar 2014
Another such object, 90377 Sedna, is likewise distantly adrift ... Sedna caused quite a stir after its discovery in 2003, because it resides in a kind of orbital "no man's land" ... But what's got dynamicists buzzing about this new find is not so much its distance, but instead what it has in common with Sedna's orbit.

Profiles in dwarf planets: Eris

The Examiner 20 Nov 2010
The search team had been systematically scanning for large outer solar system bodies for several years, and had been involved in the discovery of several other large TNOs, including 50000 Quaoar, 90482 Orcus, and 90377 Sedna ... Sedna) ... He had done so with Sedna a year previously, and had been heavily criticized.

Treasure Coast Events for November 14th

The Examiner 14 Nov 2010
45 years ago today, the first major battle between the North Vietnamese and US military troops began during the Vietnam WarThe Battle of la Drang. Quote of the day. ... Emo Philips ... Morningside Blvd, Port St. Lucie ... The Trans-Neptune object "90377 Sedna" was discovered. (2003) The "90377 Sedna" is an object that lies beyond Neptune in the Solar System ... .

Thursday, March 15

News24 15 Mar 2007
Today is Thursday, March 15, the 74th day of 2007. There are 291 days left in the year. Highlights in history on this date. ... 1493 - Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after his first trip to the Americas ... 1990 - Gulf War ... 2004 - Announcement of the discovery of 90377 Sedna, the farthest natural object in the Solar system so far observed. .

SwRI Researchers Show Planetoid Sedna May Have Formed Far Beyond Pluto

SpaceDaily 12 Jan 2005
Recently, astronomers reported the surprising discovery of a very large diameter Kuiper Belt planetoid - (90377) Sedna - on a distant, 12,500-year-long, eccentric orbit centered approximately 500 astronomical units from the Sun. Sedna's estimated diameter is about 1,600 km, two-thirds that of Pluto.
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