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Zelenskyy Regime to Forcibly Conscript Hungarians in Transcarpathia

GlobalResearch 25 Jan 2023
To receive Global Research’s Daily Newsletter (selected articles), click here. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our Telegram Channel ... The regime is now busy abducting potential bullet stoppers in the Zakarpattia Oblast (Ruthenia), situated in the Carpathian Mountains of southwestern Ukraine, between Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.

Ukraine Proper Already in 1654 Opted for Russia

GlobalResearch 23 Oct 2022
To receive Global Research’s Daily Newsletter (selected articles), click here ...   ... A focal question, therefore, became ... I ... V ... Their land, which was in the interwar period part of Czechoslovakia, that was annexed by the USSR at the end of WWII and included into a Greater Soviet Ukraine is simply renamed from Ruthenia into the Sub-Carpathian Ukraine.

Maps Not To Die For

Antiwar 10 Oct 2022
>. Part 1. Washington can’t get out of its own way – that’s for sure ... That’s right ... So the question recurs ... In this context, let’s cut to the chase ... Part 2 ... At the Yalta conference in 1945, upon Stalin’s insistence to Churchill and Roosevelt, the Hungarian Carpathian Ruthenia (blue area) was incorporated into the Soviet Union and added to Ukraine ... .

Washington’s Pointless War on Behalf of a Fake Nation

Antiwar 28 Sep 2022
> ... So let’s be clear ... And the architects of this perfidious folly – Biden, Blinkin, Sullivan, Nuland, et. al. – cannot be condemned harshly enough ... And then at the Yalta conference in 1945, upon Stalin’s insistence to Churchill and Roosevelt, the Hungarian Carpathian Ruthenia was incorporated into the Soviet Union and added to Ukraine ...   ... .

Croatia Summons Hungary’s Ambassador to Zagreb over PM Orbán’s Statement

Hungary Today 11 May 2022
According to the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, such statements unnecessarily worsen the friendly relations between the two countries ... This is a given ... Fact ... Czechoslovakia was given the region what is now Slovakia, sub-Carpathian Ruthenia, the region of Pressburg (Bratislava), and other minor sites ... Italy received Fiume ... Related article ... ....

House of Maxwell: a strange and revealing portrait of the media mogul

New Statesman 04 Apr 2022
One day some time in the late 1980s, the media mogul Robert Maxwell took a call from his daughter Ghislaine ... And here he is at the Holocaust remembrance centre, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, weeping at the stone marking the shtetl in Carpathian Ruthenia where he was born (most of his family was murdered in Auschwitz) ... But he’s ghostly, too ... .

Every Russian Soldier Is Required to Read This 2021 Putin Article on Ukraine

Anti-Empire 16 Jan 2022
I would like to dwell on the destiny of Carpathian Ruthenia, which became part of Czechoslovakia following the breakup of Austria-Hungary ... of the region voted for the inclusion of Carpathian Ruthenia in the RSFSR or, as a separate Carpathian republic, in the USSR proper.

The History of World War II: The War Started in October 1938

GlobalResearch 01 Oct 2021
1938 = March 13th ... 1 ... Hungarian paramilitary infiltrate Carpathian Ruthenia with the task of sabotage and terror acts to provoke armed conflict ... Hungarian paramilitary blow up a bridge over Borozhava River in Ruthenia ... Hungarian army begins occupation of Carpathian Ukraine (Ruthenia) ... Hungarian army attacks and captures Khust in Carpathian Ukraine /13/.

Football as Tool of Soft Power in Hungary’s Hands

Balkan Insight 27 Sep 2021
Transfer deals ... Czechoslovakia was given Slovakia, sub-Carpathian Ruthenia, the region of Pressburg (Bratislava) and other minor sites; Austria received western Hungary; The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia) took Croatia-Slavonia and part of the Banat; Romania received most of Banat and all of Transylvania; and Italy received Fiume.

Syndrome K, The Fake Disease Created by a 28-Year-Old Dr to Save Jewish Lives During WW2

War History Online 07 Feb 2019
On September 8, 1943, Pietro Badoglio, the newly appointed Italian Prime Minister, announced Italy’s unconditional surrender to the Allies. The declaration had been a long time coming ... In reality, the Jewish persecution would begin in earnest ... Map of the invasion of Italy ... Jews from Carpathian Ruthenia arriving at Auschwitz concentration camp, 1944.

Shocks, goals and worthy winners - CONIFA World Football Cup wrap up

Sporting News 14 Jun 2018
WINNERS! Karpatalya lift the winners' trophy! 2018 Champions - Karpatalya #WFC2018— CONIFA (@CONIFAOfficial) 9 June 2018 ... Thousands watched on as Istvan Sandor's side achieved glory while representing Hungarian minority in Carpathian Ruthenia, with crowds exceeding tournament organisers' initial expectations ... .

Ukrainian Hungarians win alternative World Cup

The News International 11 Jun 2018
LONDON ... “It was like a holiday present and that we have won is so excellent. “We didn’t expect this but we are very happy.”Carpathian Ruthenia, in the far west of Ukraine, was mostly in Hungary before World War I. It is home to around 150,000 ethnic Hungarians. “I hope it puts Karpatalja on the map ... .

Karpatalya crowned CONIFA World Football Cup champions

Sky Sports 10 Jun 2018
Karpatalya, representing the Hungarian minority living in Carpathian Ruthenia - a south-west area of modern-day Ukraine - were up against familiar opponents, the teams having already drawn 1-1 in the group stages ... Over 2,500 fans watched the game at Enfield's Queen Elizabeth II Stadium ... Also See. ... .

World Football Cup an alternative to Fifa and a lesson in geopolitics

The Guardian 01 Jun 2018
World’s dispossessed and never-will-be nations have been brought together in a tournament hosted by a small Somali port but being played in London ... Twitter ... Karpatalya, or Carpathian Ruthenia, is a Hungarian-speaking enclave, known to historians as the shortest-lived state in history ... Twitter ... “Obviously?” ... I quite fancy the Carpathians as a longshot ... .

Why the CONIFA World Football Cup matters to Matabeleland

Sky Sports 30 May 2018
Justin Walley has experienced both the highest and lowest points of his tenure as Matabeleland manager in the space of the last few days, and neither has hinged on the result of a football match ... World Football Cup, Group C. Padania ... Translating into English as 'Carpathian Ruthenia', they represent ethnic Hungarians in southwestern Ukraine Tibet ... .

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