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Khanty dialects found to differ more than Slavic languages

Phys Dot Org 23 Jan 2023
Scholars traditionally separate the Khanty dialect continuum into two dialectal groups ... Southern dialects of Khanty disappeared in the 20th century ... The new findings, published on LingvoDoc, make it possible to perform etymological and statistical analysis of Khanty dialects' basic vocabulary.

Revision of the First Part of Chapter 2 of the Culture of Critique, by Kevin MacDonald

The Unz Review 09 Jan 2023
It is updated and elaborated in certain places ... ~10,000 words. • • • ... ... Negative Dialectics, trans ... The dialectic of Jewish Enlightenment ... Continuum ... Continuum ... Dialectic of Enlightenment, trans ... Continuum ... Adorno, or, the Persistence of the Dialectic ... The Dialectical Imagination ... The Dialectical Biologist ... The Dialectical Biologist ... Continuum.

Iran’s ethnic minorities begin to take center stage

Asiatimes 08 Dec 2022
The various dialects of the Lurs, for example, are on a continuum with Persian, but ethnographically the people themselves are a mixture of (aboriginal) pre-Iranic and peoples of Central Asian origin ... The various dialects of these two languages are close to South Caucasus groups, especially the Kartvelian (Georgian) ... ....

Luna Adolescent Services Now Accepting Clients in Houston, Texas

Longview News-Journal 06 Oct 2022
Luna's Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program will provide individuals with a continuum of care that combines various evidenced-based treatment methods including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Attachment-Based ...

Paris, 13th District review: Sex and the City (of Lights)

Digital Trends 14 Apr 2022
Architecturally, there’s no confusing New York for Oslo, or Oslo for Hong Kong, or Hong Kong for Paris ... A bad match. Or are they? ... But Paris, 13th District speaks a more general dialect of libidinous confusion, landing on a long continuum of stories — Gallic and otherwise — about fooling around in the big city ... Dowd, visit his Authory page.

The Voice Over Artist Career Pivot

Village Voice 02 Sep 2021
In the spring of 2020, Andy Pearson, an employee benefits specialist, found his world come to a STOP ... “It wiped me out,” says Andy ... The use of his voice ... Very young ... Speech pathologists refer to it as the general American dialect. Wikipedia terms the speech pattern as an accent encompassing a continuum of accents rather than a single unified accent ... Mr ... .

Wisdom in quality of attention

The Scranton Times-Tribune 21 Apr 2021
Morrie Schwartz was a Brandeis sociology professor who died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in 1995 ... For a few years, Schwartz was the national epitome of the wise person ... They see the ways we’re navigating the dialectics of life and understand that our current self is just where we are right now, part of a long continuum of growth ... ....

Importance of teaching Cantonese at US universities

Asiatimes 06 Apr 2021
In summary, the sociolinguistic situation in the Sinosphere is far more complex than these foreign stereotypes imply, since Chinese does not consist of two mutually unintelligible languages but thousands of regional varieties that fall into a dialectal continuum and have been systematically classified into numerous dialectal groups and sub-groups.

Why the UK Has So Many Accents

Vice 07 Feb 2020
The Difference Between Accent and Dialect ... Fascinatingly, though, dialects and accents will continue to evolve, and in areas sandwiched by more dominant localities – such as Swanage and Lymm, situated between Liverpool and Manchester – you will find what is called a dialect continuum.

Herd-Mediocrity and The Meta-Narrative of Bourgeois-Capitalism

Dissident Voice 15 Jun 2018
The Enlightenment meta-narrative of bourgeois-capitalism is committed to mediocrity ... Mediocrity is a herd, according to Nietzsche. ... Mediocrity is profitable ... 461-462.Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans ... Continuum, 2000) pp ... 461-462.Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans ... Continuum, 2000) p ... .

Liam Ó Muirthile and the last speakers of a lost dialect

RTE 22 May 2018
The speakers he recorded lived along the coast between Murroogh (Muiriúch) and Fanore (Fánóir), the terminus of the dialect continuum of the Gaelic language, which once covered all of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

The Post-Modern Project Is Not Complete

Dissident Voice 25 Nov 2017
Left/right accelerationism are two sides of the same Enlightenment coin, two-sides enacting the meta-narrative of capitalism, the crown-jewel of the dialectic of the Enlightenment, from the two opposing, inherent polarities of the Enlightenment ... Continuum, 2000) 40.Ibid, p ... Continuum, 2000) xiv.Ibid, p ... Continuum, 2000) 6.Ibid, p.

Two schools under one roof: a lesson in ethnic unmixing from Bosnia’s segregated school system

Open Democracy 03 Mar 2017
Still mobilising minor differences Many prominent linguists agree that Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian belong to the same dialect continuum and are mutually intelligible ... [3] In Bosnia, the entire country speaks the same dialect ( ijekavica ), while each town has its own oft-recognizable slang, accent, and vocabulary.

Alcoholic Dialect Continuum: Us, Them and a Lack of...

PsychCentral 22 Aug 2016
The language we use conveys our attitudes about ourselves and others. More specifically, the words we use portray how we as a society and individuals perceive different groups. In the addictions field, language has a major impact on how we view and treat those affected […] ... .

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