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Sex is not the only problem with Indonesia’s new criminal code

Taipei Times 13 Dec 2022
The Indonesian leader, as anthropologist Martin van Bruinessen at Utrecht University pointed out to me, has successfully repressed the activism that brought down Ahok by banning some movements and co-opting others ... is the expression of political realities,” Van Bruinessen said.

Obituary: Remembering Lance Castles (1937–2020)

Inside Indonesia 14 Sep 2020
As Martin van Bruinessen noted, ‘a group of Batak intellectuals considered Lance’s dissertation on Tapanuli as perhaps the best study of their history ... As Martin van Bruinessen commented, Indonesian students with an interest in politics who knew about the book sought out Herb and ...

Minister challenges scholars to elucidate concept of Indonesian Islam

Jakarta Post 11 Dec 2015
“We have 55 State Islamic universities and 415 professors, but Indonesianist Martin van Bruinessen has questioned if Indonesia has any great works concerning Indonesian Islam,” Lukman said on Thursday at the UINSA campus in Surabaya as quoted by Antara news agency.

Jokowi calls for tolerance at NU congress

Jakarta Post 02 Aug 2015
NU observer Martin van Bruinessen of Utrecht University, the Netherlands, said Islam Nusantara was Islam that was practiced in the context of culture, which differentiates Islam in Indonesia with that in India, Turkey and Pakistan. “It’s part of the culture, not the core of Islam,” Bruinessen told The Jakarta Post ... Tweet .

The rise of the HDP - elections and democracy in Turkey

Minds 03 Jun 2015
“You are not only Turkish, Kurdish; not solely Armenian, Arab, Circassian, Georgian or Bosniak… Alevi, Sunni, Syriac, or Yazidi… Jewish, Hebrew, or Christian. You are all of them.” . HDP's massive election rally in Istanbul, May 30, 2015. Demotix/ Sahan Nuholglu ... 1 ... [6] Martin van Bruinessen, Kurdish Ethno-Nationalism versus Nation-Building States.

Islam expert Martin van Bruinessen wins prestigious Turkish jury prize (Universiteit Utrecht)

noodls 24 Apr 2015
Emeritus Professor Martin van Bruinessen (Islam and Arabic) has been awarded the Sakip Sabanci International Research Award 2015, a highly prestigious academic award in Turkey ... Martin van Bruinessen is Emeritus Professor of the Comparative Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies at Utrecht University.

Martin van Bruinessen: Dedicating life to perpetual research into Islam

Jakarta Post 24 May 2013
Rulistia)The relationship between the Dutch Professor Martin van Bruinessen and Indonesia began incidentally 30 years ago. After completing his PhD in anthropology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, van Bruinessen was jobless and intensively searching for a vacancy that matched his interests.

Rising trend seen in religious conflicts

Jakarta Post 26 Apr 2013
Separately, Islam researcher Martin Van Bruinessen said the development of contemporary Islam in Indonesia had shifted from a predominately “smiling” Islam that supported modernism, openness and tolerance to what was now far more conservative ... Bruinessen, however, said that ...

Interfaith Dialogue Is Not Enough

Jakarta Globe 28 Feb 2013
The Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences and the Christian Conference of Asia also support the gathering. This interfaith dialogue, for sure, is not the first to be held in this country ... Conversely, as a recent study by Dutch scholar Martin van Bruinessen shows, Islamic radicalism and militancy in Indonesian is an urban middle class phenomenon ... .

Interlocutors of Indonesian Islam

Jakarta Globe 08 Dec 2012
A few months ago, the Japanese anthropologist Mitsuo Nakamura told me that studying Nahdlatul Ulama as an organization was beyond the imagination of any American scholar from the 1950s to the ’70s ... Even NU-expert Martin van Bruinessen was not expecting to study NU as his primary focus when he came to Indonesia for the first time in the 1980s ...  .

Haj pilgrimage, youth’s pledge and the lost soul

Jakarta Post 25 Oct 2012
Paper Edition . Page. 6. In Mecca, much earlier than the Oct ... This had been made possible by several factors. First, Martin van Bruinessen, in his study on the Indonesian haj in pre-independent Indonesia, noted that not many, among the haj pilgrims, were able to communicate in Arabic. However, this was never a problem ... He then became a tough ... .

Carr helps to remove the blinkers

Canberra Times 05 Mar 2012
Indonesia has long been Australia's dark zone of dread, and the last couple of weeks' news coverage seems to confirm that the fears are well founded ... "I think so fondly of Indonesians," he began ... Its takeoff has been dramatic ... "There is now a global movement of Islamic feminism," Dr Martin van Bruinessen of Utrecht University in the Netherlands ... .

The Thinker: In the Background

Jakarta Globe 14 Oct 2011
The idea of Indonesia leading the third world was not only thinkable half a century ago, it even briefly appeared as reality ... But it is not yet a country that other Muslims look to for leadership ... East Asia Forum. Martin van Bruinessen is chair for the Comparative Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. .

It's 'curhat' and 'quiet springtime' at Indonesian Update

Jakarta Post 29 Sep 2011
Other speakers at the two-day event include renowned Indonesianists Donald Emmerson, Martin van Bruinessen, Greg Fealy and also Scott Guggenheim of AusAid Jakarta, who will talk on Indonesia's "quiet springtime" ...

The lost people

Arab News 12 Mar 2009
Lisa Kaaki . Arab News. Since the two Gulf wars, the Kurdish question has become a burning issue ... Martin van Bruinessen delves into a critical analysis of "Mem u Zin", considered a national Kurdish epic while Hamit Bozarslan and Nelida Fuccaro tackle respectively the development of Kurdish nationalism in Turkey and Syria ... .

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