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Joint Declaration on The Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity

The White House | 2023-01-27, 23:38

We, the governments of Barbados, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the United States, and Uruguay, share geographies, languages, history, culture, and familial ties, in addition to our long-standing

India signs pact with S Africa to bring 12 cheetahs in FebruaryThe pact was signed ...

Deccan Herald | 2023-01-27, 23:04

India will receive 12 more cheetahs from South Africa next month as the two nations have concluded an agreement on the translocation of spotted cats to Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno Palpur national park, where they will join the animals that were brought from Namibia.

Global trade partners want EU to mind their own Ps and Qs

Hot Air | 2023-01-27, 22:34

The countries, many of them developing nations, that make up a big share of the European Union’s imports are about up to here with Brussels dictating how they run their industries. It’s all well and good for Europe to have run through their own

These 10 Grocery Stores Sell the Most Organic Produce—and Yes, Costco Makes the List!

no EC Henry Herald | 2023-01-27, 22:08 has an extensive editorial partnership with Cleveland Clinic, consistently named as one of the nation's best hospitals in U.S. News & World Report's annual "America's Best Hospitals" survey. Click here to learn more about our health reporting

Learn about native mussels

no EC Elko Daily Free Press | 2023-01-27, 21:25

ELKO – The public is invited to learn about mussels native to the Great Basin at a Bristlecone Audubon Meeting slated Feb. 7. Ali Helmig, biodiversity program coordinator for the Great Basin Institute, in partnership with the Elko office of the Bureau of Land

Researchers created a sticky drone to collect environmental DNA from forest canopies

Engadget | 2023-01-27, 21:01

Swiss scientists have developed a proof-of-concept method to collect environmental DNA (eDNA) from high-arching forest canopies, an under-observed habitat. Rather than hiring skilled climbers to risk their lives to grab a little bug and bird DNA, the team flew

It'll take 150 years to map Africa's biodiversity at the current rate, say researchers

Phys Dot Org | 2023-01-27, 20:22

The African continent is bursting with biodiversity. In , the United Nations Environment Program wrote: "Africa's biomes extend from mangroves to deserts, from Mediterranean to tropical forests, from temperate to sub-tropical and montane grasslands and

Restoring land for livelihoods can have ecological benefits, study suggests

Phys Dot Org | 2023-01-27, 20:22

Small-scale restoration efforts that aim to help meet livelihood needs have the potential to contribute to ecological goals in the central Indian landscape, according to a new study published in Restoration Ecology. The study was led by restoration ecologist

European farms mix things up to guard against food-supply shocks

Phys Dot Org | 2023-01-27, 20:22

Greater diversification could help agriculture withstand climate, economic and geopolitical crises. "Items in this section have limited availability due to supplier production issues," "Sorry, temporarily out of stock" and "Sold out" are all signs that became

Rosy finches are Colorado's high-alpine specialists, and researchers want to know why

Phys Dot Org | 2023-01-27, 20:22

Mountaineers who venture high into the Colorado Rockies have likely spotted medium-sized, brown-and-pink birds rummaging around on snow patches for insects and seeds. These high-elevation specialists are rosy finches, a type of bird that's evolved to survive

Final Regulations signed on burning of agricultural green waste (Department of Environment, Climate Change and Communications of Ireland)

Public Technologies | 2023-01-27, 20:16

) Regulations were signed today to provide for an extension to the exemption which allows for the onsite burning of agricultural green waste in certain limited circumstances. These Regulations* were drafted by the Department of the Environment, Climate and

Jane Goodall's message to the world's youth: You can change the course of natural history

The National | 2023-01-27, 20:13

She is an internationally renowned conservationist. So when Dr Jane Goodall speaks, the world listens. And now, in an interview with The National, she has issued a call to the world’s youth: seize the chance to change the course of history. The acclaimed

Get Wild: My gift to Colorado — preserving Colorado’s treasures one photo at a time

Summit Daily | 2023-01-27, 19:53

For 40 years I have worked as a nature photographer and publisher to promote the protection of Colorado’s ranches, open space and wild lands in Colorado and beyond. I believe that humanity will not survive without the preservation of biodiversity on Earth and

Reviving intercropping system, millet cultivation earned this Himachal farmer Padma Shri

Hindustan Times | 2023-01-27, 19:52

What could have been a better occasion to get recognised for decades of hard work put into preservation of crops when the world is celebrating International Year of Millets, says Nekram Sharma, Himachal’s sole Padma Shri awardee in 2023. The 58-year-old farmer

India to get 12 cheetahs from South Africa next month

Jamaica Star | 2023-01-27, 19:28

NEW DELHI (AP) — India will receive 12 cheetahs from South Africa next month that will join eight others it received from Namibia in September as part of an ambitious plan to reintroduce the cats in the country after 70 years. India plans to transport

India to receive 12 cheetahs from South Africa as part of a plan to reintroduce ...

Fox News | 2023-01-27, 19:15

India will receive 12 cheetahs from South Africa next month that will join eight others it received from Namibia in September as part of an ambitious plan to reintroduce the cats in the country after 70 years. India

Proposal to amend the NYSE Listed Company Manual to adopt a new listing standard for the listing of Natural Asset Companies. (NYSE Group Inc)

Public Technologies | 2023-01-27, 19:09

) λ¯«·®»¼ º·»´¼- ¿®» -¸±©² ©·¬¸ §»´´±© ¾¿½µ¹®±«²¼- ¿²¼ ¿-¬»®·-µ-ò п¹» ï ±º ö ïçè ÍÛÝËÎ×Ì×ÛÍ ßÒÜ ÛÈÝØßÒÙÛ ÝÑÓÓ×ÍÍ×ÑÒ Ú·´» Ò±ò ö ÍÎ îðîí ó ö ðç ÉßÍØ×ÒÙÌÑÒô ÜòÝò îðëìç ß³»²¼³»²¬ Ò±ò ø®»¯ò º±® ß³»²¼³»²¬- ö÷ Ú±®³ ïç¾óì Ú·´·²¹ ¾§ Ò»© DZ®µ ͬ±½µ Û¨½¸¿²¹» ÔÔÝ

The best way to save forests is to legally recognize Indigenous lands

People's World | 2023-01-27, 18:50

Recognizing and demarcating Indigenous lands leads to reduced deforestation and increased reforestation. That’s according to a new study that looked at more than 100 Indigenous territories in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest and found that legal recognition of those

Human Activity Has Degraded Amazon Rainforest Much More Than Previously Thought: Study

Common Dreams | 2023-01-27, 18:45

Peer-reviewed research out Friday shows that human activity has degraded much more of the Amazon rainforest than previously believed, with over a third of the remaining forest area afflicted and at risk of being irreversibly damaged. Deforestation in the

DENR pursues green recovery programs

The Manila Times | 2023-01-27, 18:42

ENVIRONMENT Secretary Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga vowed to push for green recovery programs as the Philippine government prepares its portfolio of environmental projects for consideration under the eighth funding replenishment of the Global Environment Facility

Elephants promote jumbo trees, boosting the carbon stores in Africa’s forests

Mongabay | 2023-01-27, 18:31

Previous studies have shown that Africa’s tropical forests store more carbon per hectare than Amazonian forests. But how they do so is still a puzzle. It turns out that elephants play an outsized role in the upkeep of healthy forests. New

ESG Growing Pains (FactSet Research Systems Inc)

Public Technologies | 2023-01-27, 18:19

) ESG Growing Pains ESG By Tom Abrams, CFA| January 27, 2023 This FactSet Insight shares our notes from a Jan. 25 CFA Society New York conference on sustainable investing titled "ESG Now and Beyond." (agenda here) Our overall take from the

New Jersey needs law to control invasive species

The Trentonian | 2023-01-27, 17:45

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in New Jersey yards and gardens often can’t be contained – especially when non-native plants are present. When species from other regions of the world are introduced, they can spread aggressively

Biden restores roadless protection to the Tongass, North America's largest rainforest

no EC Hastings Tribune | 2023-01-27, 17:36

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) Beverly Law, Oregon State University (THE CONVERSATION) Ask people to find the world’s rainforests on a globe, and most will probably point to

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) integration is required to promote a just energy transition...

Business Ghana | 2023-01-27, 17:35

In a recent editorial for the Washington Examiner, African Energy Chamber Executive Chairman NJ Ayuk labelled Environmental Social Governance (ESG) as "Colonialism 2.0”( Mr Ayuk argues that ESG criteria for financial

Housing scheme slated for approval at second attempt

The Business Desk | 2023-01-27, 17:16

A bid to build 130 new homes in Thornton Cleveleys has been recommended for approval by council planning officers. Developer BXB Thornton is behind the scheme on Fleetwood Road North, which was deferred at a previous planning committee meeting. The project, a

The impact of zoos on society is largely underestimated, says study

Phys Dot Org | 2023-01-27, 17:07

The benefits of zoos to society and local communities are largely underestimated by the wider population, new research shows. Researchers found zoos have a unique platform to engage visitors with important messages that contribute to human health and

Alien plant species are spreading rapidly in mountainous areas, says new monitoring study

Phys Dot Org | 2023-01-27, 17:07

Many mountain ranges contain semi-natural habitats experiencing little human interference. They are home to many animal and plant species, some of them endemic and highly specialized. Mountains have also been largely spared by invasions of alien plant species

The humble sea campion flower can show us how species adapt

Phys Dot Org | 2023-01-27, 17:07

The speed of environmental change is very challenging for wild organisms. When exposed to a new environment individual plants and animals can potentially adjust their biology to better cope with new pressures they are exposed to—this is known as phenotypic

Be kind to bees, build with bee bricks

Phys Dot Org | 2023-01-27, 17:07

We know that bees are important to natural ecosystems and also to human agriculture and horticulture. They are great pollinators of so plant flowering plant species and are also a source of food and materials we have used for thousands of years, namely honey,

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