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D&D maker retreats from attempts to update longstanding “open” license

Ars Technica | 2023-01-27, 23:10

/ Artist's conception of D&D fans holding back WotC's attempts to change the game's license. (credit: WotC) Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) owner Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has halted its

How to fix GoldenEye 007’s control issues on the Nintendo Switch [Updated]

Ars Technica | 2023-01-27, 23:10

/ Screenshots you can hear. Update (5:35 ET pm): As user Cuesport77 points out on Reddit, Nintendo offers a system-level button remapping function that

Vanillaware's GrimGrimoire OnceMore Gets New Trailer All About Sorcery

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 21:47

Today NIS America released a new trailer of the upcoming real-time strategy game GrimGrimoire OnceMore by Vanillaware. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

Wizards of the Coast Announce That Dungeons & Dragons OGL 1.0a Is Here To Stay

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 21:11

Wizards of the Coast have announced today via a new D&DBeyond post that they won't be making any change to the Dungeons & Dragons OGL 1.0a. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

GoldenEye can’t distract from Switch retro games’ most annoying pitfall

Ars Technica | 2023-01-27, 19:52

/ Nintendo's promotional key art for the launch of GoldenEye 007 on Switch. (credit: Nintendo) Today marks the long-awaited rerelease of the Nintendo 64

Kerbal Space Program 2 Trailer Shows Cute Tutorial Video

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 19:41

Kerbal Space Program 2�is coming close to its launch in early access, and�Intercept Games released a new trailer for the upcoming sequel. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

Wordle 588 answer for today: Here is the Wordle answer for January 28

DNA India | 2023-01-27, 18:55

Wordle puzzle game gained a meteoric rise during the pandemic. Invented by software engineer Josh Wardle, the online game is quite addictive and it has become for millions of players across the

8 Ways Nintendo Can Save Pok�mon

What Culture | 2023-01-27, 18:31

Pokémon is still a global sensation, whether you subject yourself to the tide of all of its media or not, and is still recognised as one of the most profitable intellectual properties ever. If you needed proof, the recent entries Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are

WWE 2K23: Predicting The 20 Highest Rated Superstars

What Culture | 2023-01-27, 18:31

You've read predictions for the lowest rated wrestlers in WWE 2K23, so now it's time to guess the highest! Last year, 2K beefed up the character scores from 2K20. That was necessary, because some of Raw, SmackDown and NXT's finest had lower-than-expected

It sounds like Ubisoft is trying to do a Call of Duty: Warzone with Far Cry

TechRadar | 2023-01-27, 18:31

Ubisoft is working on not one, but two new Far Cry games. The first is the somewhat predictable Far Cry 7, but the second is intriguing, a standalone multiplayer spin on the traditionally solo (and recently co-op) shooter. Kotaku claims Ubisoft CEO Yves

Material Agreement - Form 8-K (Galaxy Gaming Inc)

Public Technologies | 2023-01-27, 18:19


Gaming cafe in Dauphin County closes with plans to relocate to ‘next adventure’

Penn Live | 2023-01-27, 17:57

A gaming cafe that opened during the pandemic is relocating to focus on retail. UrTurn Cafe at 7710 Allentown Blvd. in West Hanover Township closed, according to the owners, who shared a message on Facebook the business is relocating this spring to the

Life is Strange Developer Teases New Narrative Game With First Screenshot

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 17:52

Today Life is Strange developer Don't Nod Entertainment had a small tease to share with the fans of its narrative adventure games. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

The Last of Us TV Show Renewed for Season 2

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 17:52

If you're eager for more The Last of Us, Naughty Dog shared good news today, as the TV Show has been renewed for season 2 by HBO. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

Dead Space Preview - Just Like You Remember, But Scarier AND Prettier!

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 17:52

Now that Isaac, the Ishimura, and the Necromorphs are back in the Dead Space remaster, how is this old outing with a new coat of paint? Read this article on TechRaptor ...

Hi-Fi Rush Track 3: Trial By (Volcanic) Fire Collectible Guide

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 17:52

In this Hi-Fi Rush Track 3: Trial By (Volcanic) Fire Collectible Guide we'll go through where to get all of the collectibles in Track 3 of Hi-Fi Rush. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

‘GoldenEye 007’ on the Switch proves that sometimes, dead is better

NME | 2023-01-27, 17:40

When GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo Switch was announced back in September, nostalgic gamers across the world rejoiced. Rare‘s iconic first-person shooter made waves when it originally launched in 1997, yet its complicated licensing deal between Nintendo

‘Far Cry 7’ reportedly in development at Ubisoft alongside multiplayer game

NME | 2023-01-27, 17:40

According to reports, Ubisoft is currently developing both Far Cry 7 and a Far Cry multiplayer game. READ MORE: ‘Like A Dragon: Ishin’ is a deceptively educational samurai slasher Sources report that Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot mentioned both Far Cry releases

‘GoldenEye 007’: how to play multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch

NME | 2023-01-27, 17:04

Beloved 1997 shooter GoldenEye 007 has been brought to the Nintendo Switch, and although it’s been re-launched almost entirely as it was on the Nintendo 64, fans can now play with their pals online. To get it working, here’s how to play multiplayer

Uri Geller apologises to Pokémon TCG fans as Kadabra returns after 22 year lawsuit

NME | 2023-01-27, 17:04

Uri Geller has apologised to Pokémon fans after having Kadabra banned from the Pokémon Trading Card Game for 22 years. READ MORE: Feargus Urquhart is doing what he does best The illusionist and magician sued The Pokémon Company in 2000, claiming Kadabra was an

‘Battlefield 2042’ to launch class system update next week

NME | 2023-01-27, 17:04

EA Dice has revealed the launch date for Battlefield 2042’s 3.2 update, which will bring long-awaited changes to the class system. READ MORE: ‘Battlefield 2042’ review: love cannot bloom on this battlefield Back in August, EA shared plans to rework the

Even the star of Fire Emblem Engage can't get a copy of the Nintendo RPG

TechRadar | 2023-01-27, 17:04

It doesn’t matter if you work on a hit Nintendo RPG, that won’t get you special treatment. One of Fire Emblem Engage’s lead voice actors could not get his hands on a collector’s edition of the game despite having pre-ordered. Brandon McInnis, who voices the

The Dead Space remake has an amazing feature I won't be using

TechRadar | 2023-01-27, 17:04

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the Dead Space remake will be full of blood, guts, and gore, much like the original game. But luckily, Electronic Arts has added an extra feature that’ll help the faint of heart make their way to Isaac’s

Monster Hunter has competition because this RPG has something it doesn't

TechRadar | 2023-01-27, 17:04

After years of dominating the narrow genre of RPGs where you go and kill big creatures, Monster Hunter finally has some serious competition. Omega Force’s Wild Hearts has all the large weapons and giant critters you would expect, but it has something else

Pair of $100K jackpots hit at Las Vegas casinos

Review Journal | 2023-01-27, 16:24

They were among several recent jackpots across the Las Vegas valley. ...

Gungrave G.O.R.E Update Invites You To Go Bunji Jumping

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 16:22

A new Gungrave G.O.R.E update is live, bringing Grave's rival Bunji into the fold as a playable character with his own set of achievements. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

New Blizzard Deep Dive Breaks Down Diablo IV Release Date Trailer

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 16:22

A new Blizzard deep dive has been revealed, giving us some new insights into December's chilling cinematic depicting Inarius and Lilith at war. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

‘League of Legends’ source code auctioned off by hackers

NME | 2023-01-27, 16:09

The hackers who were allegedly behind a recent assault on Riot Games have announced they they are auctioning off source code for some of the company’s most famous games. The company behind League of Legends recently confirmed it had received a ransom

Brawling through a wacky version of Japan’s past in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Ars Technica | 2023-01-27, 15:57

/ Don't bring a knife to a historical Japanese gunfight. Sega’s cult-favorite Yakuza series is in a league of its own in its ability to blend brutal, stylish combat

Like a Dragon: Ishin! makes the traditional Yakuza format even better

Digital Trends | 2023-01-27, 15:45

The Yakuza name may be no more, but that doesn’t mean that the RPG series is going away anytime soon. Now rebranded as Like a Dragon, developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio seems more eager than ever to pump out entries in its ever-expanding universe — to the

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