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It’s Already Hard Enough to Block a Single Star’s Light to See its Planets. But ...

Universe Today | 2023-01-27, 23:40

Detecting exoplanets was frontier science not long ago. But now we’ve found over 5,000 of them, and we expect to find them around almost every star. The next step is to characterize these planets more fully in hopes of finding ones that might support

Space Propulsion Global Market Report 2022: Sector To Reach $22.5 Billion By 2030 At A ...

MENA FN | 2023-01-27, 23:26

(MENAFN - PR Newswire) DUBLIN, Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The 'space propulsion market' report has been added to's offering. The global space propulsion market size is ... ...

Starry tail tells the tale of dwarf galaxy evolution

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

A giant diffuse tail of stars has been

Webb spies Chariklo ring system with high-precision technique

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

In an observational feat of high precision,

Private Peregrine moon lander completes testing ahead of landmark lunar launch

Space | 2023-01-27, 23:13

Astrobotic's Peregrine moon lander wrapped up testing to prepare for spaceflight and is now waiting to be shipped to its Florida launch site. ...

Muscle Scans, Bone Study Cleanup as Next Spacewalk Nears (NASA - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Public Technologies | 2023-01-27, 23:08

) Expedition 68 Flight Engineers Anna Kikina and Koichi Wakata pose together aboard the space station. Credit: Roscosmos The Expedition 68 crew members turned their attention toward understanding how muscles adapt to microgravity on Friday after intensive bone

Muscle Scans, Bone Study Cleanup as Next Spacewalk Approaches (NASA - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Public Technologies | 2023-01-27, 23:07

) Expedition 68 Flight Engineers Anna Kikina and Koichi Wakata pose together aboard the space station. Credit: Roscosmos The Expedition 68 crew members turned their attention toward understanding how muscles adapt to microgravity on Friday after intensive bone

2 big pieces of space junk nearly collide in orbital 'bad neighborhood'

Space | 2023-01-27, 22:37

Satellite monitoring and collision detection firm LeoLabs spotted a near-miss between a defunct Soviet rocket body and dead spy satellite that passed within about 20 feet (6 meters) of one another. ...

'Dead Space' returns to haunt your dreams with new next-generation remake

Space | 2023-01-27, 22:19

Motive Studio and Electronic Arts releases the new remastered edition of "Dead Space" today ...

Watch an SUV-sized asteroid zoom by Earth in close shave flyby in this time-lapse video

Space | 2023-01-27, 22:19

Watch asteroid 2023 BU make a close flyby of Earth in images shared by the Virtual Telescope Project taken when the rock was just 13,670 miles (22,000 kilometers) from the surface. ...

Watch NASA test potentially revolutionary 3D-printed rocket engine (video)

Space | 2023-01-27, 22:19

This futuristic engine could save lots of propellant on interplanetary journeys, perhaps allowing NASA to explore the solar system more efficiently. ...

SpaceX Launch Carrying Starlink Satellites Set for January 31 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Space Coast Daily | 2023-01-27, 21:17

Launch is targeted for 3:27 a.m. ET SpaceX is scheduled to launch a batch of Starlink

Here are events you can check out during Black History Month in New York City

no EC AM New York | 2023-01-27, 21:04

Black history is immortalized across New York City’s streets, museums, and parks, to name a few. But come February, the city will host more than a plethora of events, celebrations, and educational spaces for locals and visitors to deepen their knowledge of

Tragedy remembered: On Feb. 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia was destroyed during re-entry, killing ...

Leesville Daily Leader | 2023-01-27, 20:43

Southwest Louisiana continues to mourn the tragedy, as well. Columbia was destroyed during re-entry on Feb. 1, 2003, after a piece of fuel-tank foam came off and punctured the left wing during liftoff 16 days earlier. The shuttle broke apart over Texas, just

Best routing from North America to South America hosting company & datacenter

no EC Web Hosting Talk | 2023-01-27, 20:04

Hello everyone, We are hosting a fast-paced online game and we have a part of our clients from South

Dead Space Remake Hints at Dead Space 2 Remake

Game Rant | 2023-01-27, 19:58

With EA Motive having only just released the Dead Space

Dead Space Remake: Difficulty Settings Explained

Game Rant | 2023-01-27, 19:58

For some time now, accessibility has been a more common feature seen in games. To reach as broad an audience as possible, it is important for designers to include features that allow players to customize the experience to their preferences. ...

Test out what your office space of the future could look like at GSA’s new ...

Federal News Radio | 2023-01-27, 19:58

The federal office of the future will not be done to employees, but will be led by employees. That is the General Services Administration’s goal with its new Workplace Innovation Lab, unveiled Jan. 25 in Washington D.C. “The innovation lab is one of the many

Dead Space Remake Sees Peak Steam Concurrent User Count of Over 25,000 at Launch

GamingBolt | 2023-01-27, 19:53

Dead Space has been on ice for a decade, but the franchise is back, and back with a bang. The Dead Space remake is out now, launching on the back of widespread hype and anticipation, and unsurprisingly, it seems like people who’ve been looking forward to

Europe Will be Building the Transfer Arm for the Mars Sample Return Mission

Universe Today | 2023-01-27, 19:46

Now that the Perseverance rover has dropped off ten regolith and rock sample tubes for a future sample return mission to retrieve, the plans for such a mission are coming together. The mission is a joint venture between NASA and the European Space Agency, and

Kerbal Space Program 2 Trailer Shows Cute Tutorial Video

TechRaptor | 2023-01-27, 19:41

Kerbal Space Program 2�is coming close to its launch in early access, and�Intercept Games released a new trailer for the upcoming sequel. Read this article on TechRaptor ...

NASA Mars satellite discovers adorable bear face on planet's surface

no EC Chron | 2023-01-27, 19:40

It's the not first optical illusion the spacecraft has captured on the Martian landscape.� ...

Europe's JUICE mission to Jupiter's moons preparing for April 14 launch

Space | 2023-01-27, 19:37

Europe's mission to explore three icy moons of Jupiter is all set to begin its voyage to the outer solar system. ...

Oklahoma Students to Hear from NASA Astronaut Aboard Space Station (NASA - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Public Technologies | 2023-01-27, 19:10

) nicole_mann_emu_on_iss.jpg (Dec. 28, 2022) --- Expedition 68 Flight Engineer and NASA astronaut Nicole Mann poses with an Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU), also known as a spacesuit, aboard the International Space Station. Credits: NASA Students from

5xen left this once-thriving Milwaukee Asian market in terrible shape, suit says.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | 2023-01-27, 19:03

5xen Inc. operated the market from April 2020 until Jan. 7. That's when control of the property was turned back over to Phongsavan Market's founder. ...

Apollo 1 tragedy: The fatal fire and its aftermath

Astronomy | 2023-01-27, 18:58

On Jan. 27, 1967, an fire swept through the Apollo 1 Command Module during a launch rehearsal test, tragically killing the three astronauts trapped inside. RELATED TOPICS: HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT | APOLLO Every January, a tight-knit clutch of families and friends

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