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Sunwing plane forced to shut down engine mid-flight after takeoff in Toronto

CTV | 2023-01-27, 23:35

A Sunwing plane was forced to shut down one of its engines midflight after experiencing issues after takeoff from Toronto. ...

Camera captures night sky spiral after SpaceX rocket launch

9news | 2023-01-27, 23:22

A time-lapse video taken at the summit of Mauna Kea shows a white orb spreading out and forming a spiral as it moves across the sky. ...

Peterson Structural Engineers’ Peterson takes new role

DJC Oregon | 2023-01-27, 23:22

Erik Peterson is stepping down as president and chief executive

Peterson Structural Engineers’ McFeron now president/CEO

DJC Oregon | 2023-01-27, 23:22

Travis McFeron is now president and chief executive officer of Peterson Structural

Ryan promoted by Peterson Structural Engineers

DJC Oregon | 2023-01-27, 23:22

Peterson Structural Engineers has promoted Galit Ryan to senior

New AI tool makes speedy gene-editing possible

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

An artificial intelligence program may enable

Scientists observe 'quasiparticles' in classical systems

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

Quasiparticles -- long-lived particle-like excitations -- are a cornerstone of quantum

Most U.S. children use potentially toxic makeup products, often during play

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

Scientists found that most children in the United States use makeup and body products that may contain carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. <!-- more --> ...

Quantum physicists make major nanoscopic advance

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

In a new breakthrough, researchers have solved a problem that has

Starry tail tells the tale of dwarf galaxy evolution

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

A giant diffuse tail of stars has been

Mercury helps to detail Earth's most massive extinction event

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

Scientists are working to understand the cause and how the events of the LPME unfolded by focusing on mercury from Siberian volcanoes that ended up in sediments in Australia and South Africa. <!-- more --> ...

Webb spies Chariklo ring system with high-precision technique

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

In an observational feat of high precision,

Looking back at the Tonga eruption

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

A 'back-projection' technique reveals new details of the volcanic eruption in Tonga that literally shook the world. <!-- more --> ...

New test could detect Alzheimer's disease 3.5 years before clinical diagnosis

Science Daily | 2023-01-27, 23:21

New research has established a blood-based test that could be used to predict the risk of Alzheimer's disease up to 3.5 years before clinical diagnosis. <!-- more --> ...

A Google employee of 11 years and his wife shell-shocked over retrenchment

Joy Online | 2023-01-27, 23:10

A Google engineer said he and his wife stared at each other in “disbelief” upon learning on Friday they’d both been laid off by the company. Ashish Kalsi, an associate principal of global engagement on Google’s trust and safety team,

Mumbai HC temporarily restrains Air India from making salary cutsAir India Engineering Services and Air ...

Deccan Herald | 2023-01-27, 23:04

Air India employees living at its Mumbai staff quarters breathed a sigh of relief on Friday after the city’s High Court passed an order temporarily restraining the airline from making deductions to their salaries. “As the time is sought on behalf of the Air

Stunning drone footage captures a huge pod of dolphins off the coast of Florida: 50 ...

The Daily Mail | 2023-01-27, 23:00

An armature drone photographer captured stunning footage of a dolphin pod swimming through the crystal-blue waters off the coast of Florida. Local restaurant owner Paul

Great balls of fire! Blazing meteorites from the outer regions of the solar system triggered ...

The Daily Mail | 2023-01-27, 23:00

Great balls of fire from the outer regions of the solar system brought the building blocks of life to Earth 4.6 billion years ago, a new study reveals. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute

Burst sewer pipe shuts down major Ayr road as water engineers race to urgent repair

Daily Record | 2023-01-27, 22:52

Engineers will work through the night to try and fix the burst sewer pipe that runs along the river Ayr near the town's harbour. ...

52 million years ago Canada's Arctic was home to pre-primates, paleontologists say

CBC | 2023-01-27, 22:34

Primitive primates living on Ellesmere Island didn't have to deal with extreme cold, but would have had to adapt to the 6 months of darkness that falls the Arctic every winter ...

Expert Panel Votes for Stricter Rules on Risky Virus Research

New York Times | 2023-01-27, 22:28

The White House will decide whether to adopt the panel’s recommendations on so-called gain of function experiments. ...

Watch NASA test potentially revolutionary 3D-printed rocket engine (video)

Space | 2023-01-27, 22:19

This futuristic engine could save lots of propellant on interplanetary journeys, perhaps allowing NASA to explore the solar system more efficiently. ...

Scots engineer Robbie MacIssac aims to impress as he heads for BBC Dragons' Den

Daily Record | 2023-01-27, 22:16

In 2016, piper Robbie was given the honour of bringing the final T in the Park at Strathallan Castle to a close with a spectacular solo performance. ...

ChatGPT creator OpenAI might be training its AI technology to replace some software engineers, report says

Business Insider | 2023-01-27, 21:49

OpenAI might be training its AI to replace some software engineers. Maskot/Getty OpenAI has quietly hired hundreds of international contractors to help train its AI tech, according to Semafor. Some are teaching software engineering to AI, potentially paving

Peloton instructor Leanne Hainsby, 35, said she was diagnosed with breast cancer after a doctor ...

Business Insider | 2023-01-27, 21:49

Breast cancer is most common in women older than 50, but screenings in younger women can help with early detection. Jecapix/Getty Images Peloton instructor Leanne Hainsby said she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. She wrote on Instagram that she

We’re in Awe of Amsterdam’s Huge Underwater Bike Parking Garage

Futurism | 2023-01-27, 21:49

Modern Marvel In the global effort to disincentivize emissions-heavy automobile use, no one is doing it quite like the Dutch. The city of Amsterdam just unveiled a truly remarkable underwater parking garage for the city's many cyclers, making it easier than

Bird study links spatial thinking with not getting eaten

Ars Technica | 2023-01-27, 21:40

(credit: Robert Trevis-Smith) It's pretty easy to link humans' intelligence to our success as a species. Things like agriculture, building cities, and surviving in harsh environments require a large collection of mental skills, from good memory to

Near-death research slowly fills in the picture

Sott | 2023-01-27, 21:31

In a survey article at Business Insider, Erin Heger points to several studies that shed light on what happens when we die. She starts by referencing

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