New Report On The Dangers Of EV Fires

Written by Scotty Kilmer and CCD Editor

After hurricane Ian hit, there were multiple reports of flooded electric vehicles igniting and going up in flames.

With or without a flood, exploding EVs aren’t as uncommon as you may think.

We’re going to explain why flooded electric cars catch fire and why EV fires are much harder to extinguish than conventional gasoline-powered cars.

There were also multiple reports of Tesla’s catching on fire as the flood waters receded. And those weren’t the only cars to catch fire.

After the hurricane, if your EV was flooded or if it got flooded later, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association recommends that any flooded EV should be kept at least 50 feet away from structures, cars, or anything else that can easily catch on fire.

Despite firemen using tens of thousands of gallons of water to cool the batteries in the EV, the batteries reignited over and over again.

So what’s more likely to catch fire after a collision? Gas, electric, or hybrid? The answer may surprise you.

Most fires reported are not from gas-powered cars. It’s not EVs, either.

Actually, most fires reported are from hybrid cars.

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Header image: Firehouse Magazine

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    Could I make a request please? It is not aimed at Mr Kilmer in particular, but he did bring my attention to it.

    While I appreciate the word ‘gas’ is used by US and other folk as a short-form for gasoline, It could also be a source of confusion for some:
    “Gas, electric, or hybrid”. There are also internal combustion engines powered by gas in the form of propane, Hydrogen, and other such. Just trying to show a distinction in search of clarity for the masses. 🙂

    Flood damaged Tesla rebuild


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    T. C. Clark


    Most fires are reported from hybrid vehicles? Hybrids are a small minority of vehicles – is the statistic about percentage of hybrids? I would expect IC vehicles to be no. one because of the number on the road….it is the percentage that counts and hybrids have a substantial battery so are really an EV. I have seen the video where the firemen even lift the EV up to spray water on the under side….must be lithium metal will burn in water?


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    K Kaiser


    Firefighters in Germany are advised in regard EV fires to “don’t touch” and “let them burn out”.


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