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Syria: International action needed after devastating earthquake afflicts war-torn regions

2023-02-06, 17:36

Hong Kong: Case against 47 pro-democracy figures must be dropped as politically motivated trial begins

2023-02-06, 11:54

Iran: Shameful anniversary celebrations amid decades of mass killings and cover-ups

2023-02-06, 10:23

USA: After 46 years of imprisonment, it’s time to free Leonard Peltier

2023-02-06, 01:23

Lebanon: Killers of activist Lokman Slim must be brought to justice

2023-02-03, 15:22

Iraq: Action must be taken on gender-based violence after murder of Tiba Ali by her father

2023-02-03, 14:46

Zimbabwe: President Mnangagwa must reject proposed new law that threatens rights and civic space

2023-02-02, 18:19

Tunisia: Convictions of six civilians by military courts must be quashed

2023-02-02, 15:55

Nigeria: Shell must clean up devastating oil spills in the Niger Delta

2023-02-02, 08:23

Education for Human Rights: Shaping Minds, Changing Lives

2023-02-01, 17:03

Finland: New gender recognition law ‘a major step towards protecting trans rights’

2023-02-01, 12:50

Israel/OPT: Palestinian lives in peril as Israel reinforces apartheid

2023-02-01, 02:00

DRC/South Sudan: Pope Francis should call on leaders to address impunity.

2023-01-31, 18:50

Myanmar: Canada and UK measures to prevent aviation fuel for the military an important step ...

2023-01-31, 17:55

Iceland’s abusive use of solitary confinement must end immediately

2023-01-31, 11:18

Peru: Amnesty International deploys crisis response team to investigate serious human rights violations

2023-01-30, 16:58

Myanmar: Two years after coup, global action needed to halt military’s ‘nationwide assault on human rights’

2023-01-30, 03:25

Honduras: Xiomara Castro’s government must firmly deliver on human rights agenda

2023-01-27, 18:16

Iran: Quash death sentences of young protesters subjected to gruesome torture

2023-01-27, 16:46

Geneva: UN member states must demand accountability for Pakistan’s human rights record

2023-01-26, 23:37

Greece’s surveillance scandal must shake us out of complacency

2023-01-26, 19:42

Israel/OPT: Jenin bloodshed is a horrifying reminder of the cost of impunity

2023-01-26, 17:53

Morocco: Saudi national could face torture if forced to return

2023-01-26, 16:59

USA: Meta must guard against human rights risks after lifting bans on Trump’s Facebook and ...

2023-01-26, 16:24

Russia: Court order to liquidate Moscow Helsinki Group human rights organization unlawful

2023-01-26, 13:59

India/ Egypt: Ongoing human rights crisis in both countries must be addressed

2023-01-26, 01:03

Lebanon: Judiciary farce in Beirut blast investigation must end

2023-01-25, 19:20

Cameroon: Failure to release 23 detainees over September 2020 protests is ‘deeply disappointing’

2023-01-25, 18:26

Kyrgyzstan: Government move to close radio station is latest blow to the right to freedom ...

2023-01-25, 17:49

Yemen: End the male guardianship restriction for releasing women from prisons

2023-01-25, 09:42