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Inside bid to salvage £16million worth of gold from 200-year-old shipwreck as eerie pics show ...

The Sun | 2023-02-06, 13:56

SHIPWRECK hunters are hoping to salvage £16million worth of gold from a vessel that was lost in a storm over 150 years ago. The rusting remains of The Westmoreland - packed with a cache of rare 19th-century whiskey and gold coins - went undiscovered for over a

Technology Brings Hope to Ukraine’s Wounded

Voa News | 2023-02-06, 13:45

The war in Ukraine has left thousands of wounded

Tablet buying guide 2023 – 9 essentials to consider

Interesting Engineering | 2023-02-06, 13:42

Make sure you give this a read before buying a new tablet!

University of Birmingham Dubai invites applications for MSc Health Data Science 

Financial Express | 2023-02-06, 13:42

According to an official release, the programme will cover topics in artificial intelligence, health data and advanced computational approaches in the clinical and biomedical space. Follow Us The University of Birmingham Dubai has invited applications from

Could The Last of Us become reality? The science explained

The Times/The Sunday Times | 2023-02-06, 13:39

The fungus first appeared, as if out of nowhere, in southeast Asia. Soon it was popping up everywhere. Doctors,

Photovoltaic-thermal system based on PCM cooling

PV Magazine | 2023-02-06, 13:37

Malaysian researchers have developed a system that can absorb heat from PV modules and transmit it to a nanofluid, in order to transform it into thermal energy and use it for different applications. The panels have an overall efficiency of 89%. Researchers at

The Most Mysterious Part of the Moon Isn’t Where You Think

The Atlantic | 2023-02-06, 13:33

The far side of the moon has a certain mystique about it. It’s eternally out of view, never facing the Earth—which has earned it a misleading nickname, “the dark side,” as if sunlight never reaches its surface ( it does ). It’s the section of the moon we’ll

Labuan's engineering team wins RM100k grant for Multi-Measurement Kit innovation

Malaysian National News Agency | 2023-02-06, 13:23

REGION - SABAH Labuan's engineering team wins RM100k grant for Multi-Measurement Kit innovation Credit: Labuan PWD Credit: Labuan

New Earth-Sized Planet May Be Habitable, Although Half Is In Eternal Darkness

IFL Science | 2023-02-06, 13:18

Astronomers have announced the discovery of a new rare Earth-sized exoplanet. Wolf 1069 b orbits its star in the habitable zone, where water can exist as liquid, vapor, and ice. Of the 5,000 confirmed exoplanets, it's thought only around 60 might be rocky like

Woodpecker Fills Walls Of Home With 318 Kilograms Of Acorns

IFL Science | 2023-02-06, 13:18

A woodpecker has filled a house's walls with acorns, using the wall cavity as food storage. The owners of the house in California called pest control who cut open a hole in the wall, allowing thousands upon thousands of acorns to fall out. Nick's Extreme Pest

Tom Jones song 'Delilah' being banned from Welsh rugby matches faces fan pushback

Fox News | 2023-02-06, 13:18

Tom Jones' song "Delilah" has been axed from Welsh rugby games at Cardiff's Principality Stadium where fans have sung the song for years, leaving some divided over the change. "Delilah will not feature on the playlist for choirs for rugby internationals at

Advancements in Body Armor Technology

Technology Org | 2023-02-06, 13:15

Body Armour actively saves lives every day all around the world. All members of the armed services use ballistic vests for personal safety and operational improvement, whether they are members of the Special Forces completing a dangerous mission or police

Curious Kids: why do I feel happier when the sun is out?

The Conversation | 2023-02-06, 13:15

Sunny studio/Shutterstock Why do I feel happier when the sun is out? – Mabli, aged 13, Barry, Wales That is exactly the same question I asked many years ago when I was sitting on a nice sunny beach, far away on a lovely warm island. I remember thinking, “Oh

Mike Rossi Joins Concertai As Chief Financial Officer, Bringing Deep Healthcare And Life Sciences Experience ...

MENA FN | 2023-02-06, 13:15

(MENAFN - PR Newswire) Deeply experienced finance executive joins the industry's highest-growth AI SaaS healthcare and life sciences companyCAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ConcertAI, ... ...

Top of The List: Nashville's largest engineering firms

Business Journal | 2023-02-06, 13:12

What are the largest engineering firms in Nashville? We ranked firms by number of local licensed engineers to find out. ...

At Last, the Milky Way Gets a Better Close Up

Wired | 2023-02-06, 13:06

The largest catalog ever collected by a single telescope maps Earth’s 3 billion stellar neighbors—and helps track the dust that warps how we see them. ...

The Race to Build a ChatGPT-Powered Search Engine

Wired | 2023-02-06, 13:06

A search bot you converse with could make finding answers easier—if it doesn’t tell fibs. Microsoft, Google, Baidu, and others are working on it. ...

Victory in Unity event brings energy, encouragement to start of Black History Month

Chico Enterprise Record | 2023-02-06, 13:03

CHICO — It was hard to tell what was in greater abundance at the Victory in Unity event, held at the Bell Memorial Union at Chico State University on Sunday. Was it the message of encouragement? The energy of realizing all humankind has a common interest

If You Want To Know Sea Level’s Future, Ask An Octopus

IFL Science | 2023-02-06, 12:42

Deep in the genome of Antarctic octopuses, marine biologists have found something odd. Although the work is still undergoing peer review, the most likely explanation is an event over 100,000 years ago with very serious implications for the Earth’s future in a

DNA Of Skull In Alaska Solves Mystery Of New Yorker Missing Since 1976

IFL Science | 2023-02-06, 12:42

A skull found in the Alaskan wilderness has been linked to an adventurer from New York who went missing in 1976. In a grisly surprise, investigators believe that the man most likely died after being mauled by a bear. Gary Frank Sotherden, then 25, traveled to

The (New) God Delusion

Principia Scientific | 2023-02-06, 12:42

The BBC has been releasing several trailers to highlight a new interview with Bill Gates that will be broadcast today: “Amol Rajan visits Kenya, where Bill Gates through his foundation is supporting local farms and hospitals. Gates talks about wealth and

Dr. Peter McCullough Unbowed After Winning Legal Case

Principia Scientific | 2023-02-06, 12:42

A district judge vindicated Texas cardiologist and outspoken COVID vaccine critic Dr. Peter McCullough on Wednesday, dismissing a lawsuit filed against him approximately two years ago by his former employer Baylor Scott and White Health system. McCullough,

30 Most Absurd Things Causing Heart Attacks According to ‘Experts’

Principia Scientific | 2023-02-06, 12:42

According to “experts” and their allies in the media, the recent rise in heart attacks must be due to anything but the Covid injection These so-called “experts” are working at “the speed of science” to come up with every excuse under the sun, other than the

Qatar Charity launches campaign to help quake victims in Türkiye, Syria

Anadolu Agency | 2023-02-06, 12:32

A Qatari non-governmental organization on Monday launched a campaign to help people affected by a powerful earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria. In a statement,

Caucasus, Central Asian countries express condolences over deadly quake in Türkiye

Anadolu Agency | 2023-02-06, 12:32

Countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia expressed their condolences and showed solidarity with Ankara on Monday as a strong earthquake hit southern Türkiye earlier in the day. “We are deeply saddened by the news of the loss of life and

13 EU countries offer to send rescue teams to Türkiye

Anadolu Agency | 2023-02-06, 12:32

Thirteen EU countries have so far offered rescue teams to help Türkiye after the earthquake, the European Commission announced on Monday. “Our thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones and the brave first responders

Swiss citizens to receive ‘state-of-the-art’ ID cards

Swissinfo | 2023-02-06, 12:17

Anyone applying for a Swiss identity card from March 3 will receive a model featuring the latest security features and design.

The Engine Cooling System Market Is Anticipated To Record A CAGR Of 4.5% Over The ...

MENA FN | 2023-02-06, 12:15

(MENAFN - America News Hour) Research Nester has released a report titled –Engine Cooling System MarketGlobal Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2027– which also includes some of the ... ...

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