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This new magnetic powder can capture microplastics in water

Fast Company | 2022-12-06, 09:54

When plastic waste breaks down into the smallest fragments, less than 1 micrometer wide—or 1,000 times finer than human hair—it can’t be detected at wastewater treatment plants. But researchers have developed a new material that can

Class: Microplastics pervade owl poop

Aspen Times | 2022-12-06, 00:14

This semester, an ecology class at Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley researched the presence of microplastics in the local ecosystem. We hypothesized that the resident great horned owl pellets would contain traces of microplastics. Furthermore, finding

Why you should almost always wash your clothes on cold

no EC The Keene Sentinel | 2022-12-05, 18:09

In Elena Karpova’s household, the rumbling sound of a clothes dryer has become an unfamiliar noise. “I use the dryer maybe twice, three times a year, just when it’s an emergency,” says Karpova, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro who

The road to a global agreement on plastics has begun. Countries held their first talks in Uruguay (Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic)

Public Technologies | 2022-12-05, 17:15

) UN member states and partners negotiated a new global international treaty in Uruguay last week to reduce plastic pollution on land and in the seas. It is the start of a process that should result in a fully binding document governing the production,

Microplastic pollution: It's as close as your washer

The Buffalo News | 2022-12-05, 07:07

We're all familiar with macroplastic pollution – the big stuff like soda bottles that litter our streets and parks. But microplastic pollution – which scientists define as particles smaller than 5millimeters – has spread like a plague over the entirety of

Another Voice: Microplastic pollution is an insidious threat – and it's as close as your ...

The Buffalo News | 2022-12-04, 21:32

An environmental crisis is brewing in your washing machine. We’re all familiar with macroplastic pollution — the big stuff like soda bottles that litter our streets and parks. But microplastic pollution — which scientists define as particles smaller than 5

Scientists discover microplastics in aquatic life, human blood, breast milk

CTV | 2022-12-04, 21:15

In recent years, scientists have discovered increasing amounts plastic particles in deep oceans, Arctic snow, drinking water, and even breast milk. ...

We need to stop using plastic bags | PennLive letters

Penn Live | 2022-12-03, 23:26

One objection people often have to bag reduction ordinances is feeling they are paying for something that was “free.” Surrounded by plastic, many people think focusing on plastic bags is pointless. With these objections, they wonder why municipalities across

Addressing Climate Change Will Not “Save the Planet”

The Intercept | 2022-12-03, 12:13

A boiler tower surrounded by mirrors at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert, Calif., on Aug. 26, 2022. Photo: David McNew/Getty Images Conservation biology finds itself in a terrifying place today, witness to mass extinction,

Microplastics found in fish samples

The Times of India | 2022-12-03, 03:41

Kochi: A two-part study conducted by the researchers of the department of marine biology, (Cusat), has found a huge presence of in popular edible fish varieties in the Cochin estuary. Marine biologists and fisheries scientists are calling for a need to address

Whales and People: A Tragedy!

Dissident Voice | 2022-12-02, 21:11

It was a good live crowd — over a hundred folk, November 30, at Hatfield’s new classroom building, Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building Auditorium. And another 100 in “attendance” on the Zoom Doom. I’m a member of the Cetacean

Trapping powder quickly removes all microplastics from water

New Scientist | 2022-12-02, 17:12

A cheap powder can help treat wastewater by rapidly absorbing microscopic bits of plastic pollution – and because it is also magnetic, both can then be removed with magnets ...

Microplastics could make other pollutants more harmful

Phys Dot Org | 2022-12-02, 15:31

Microplastics—small plastic pieces less than five millimeters in length—are becoming a ubiquitous ecological contaminant. Studies suggest that on their own, these tiny bits are potentially harmful, and it's unclear what effect they could have on pollutants

Opinion: Virginia Beach should adopt plastic bag fee

no EC The Virginian-Pilot | 2022-12-02, 01:33

Rogard Ross is president of the Friends of Indian River in Chesapeake. (Picasa / HANDOUT) Over the last two years, many cities and counties, home to about one-quarter of all Virginians, have adopted a plastic bag fee to combat plastic pollution and litter. Now

Northwest scientists study source of pervasive plastic pollution

no EC Herald and News | 2022-12-01, 23:52

On an overcast Saturday in Seattle, a group of volunteers combs a small section of the beach at Golden Gardens Park for trash. With 5-gallon buckets in hand, they slowly fan out and search a roughly rectangular zone marked by cones, passing over the same spots

IIT-Delhi holds India-Finland symposium on microplastics

The Times of India | 2022-12-01, 22:56

New Delhi: In a bid to bring together technology, business, social and policy perspectives from India and Finland towards circular economy solutions for micro-plastics, a two-day symposium was organised

How The Search For Amelia Earhart Could Help Trace Microplastic Pollution

IFL Science | 2022-12-01, 17:17

When Amelia Earhart disappeared attempting to circumnavigate the world, plastics were so rare their waste was a minor problem, even in major cities. In the central Pacific, where Earhart was last seen, the idea of plastic pollution probably seemed

Cells to Plate: The World’s First Cultivated Fish Fat to be Unveiled at the Big ...

The Associated Press | 2022-12-01, 07:28

SINGAPORE, Dec. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ImpacFat will be introducing their cultivated fish fat at the Big Idea Ventures Demo Day showcase today. The world’s first cultivated fish fat presents a tasty and nutritious way to add a rich mouthfeel to

Waste pickers risk their lives to stop plastic pollution—now they could help shape global recycling policies

Phys Dot Org | 2022-11-30, 18:47

Globally, waste pickers are responsible for collecting and recovering—from homes, businesses and landfills—up to 60% of all plastics which are then recycled. These workers do more than any other people to prevent plastic contaminating the environment, yet

Scientists find MICROPLASTICS in samples taken near Antarctica

Natural News | 2022-11-30, 18:14

(Natural News) ; A team of researchers discovered

Australian researchers use magnets to remove microplastics in water in 1 hour

La Prensa Latina | 2022-11-30, 12:07

Sydney, Australia, Nov 30 (EFE).- Researchers at RMIT University in the Australian city of Melbourne have developed a magnetic powder capable of removing microplastics from water in an hour. The scientists say that the powder, made of nanomaterials containing

A novel magnetic nano-pillared material can remove microplastics from water in an hour

Interesting Engineering | 2022-11-30, 10:42

Microplastics are everywhere. From finding small plastic debris in freshly fallen snow in Antarctica to discovering their presence in breast milk samples, the menace has established itself to be omnipresent. Consequently, scientists are putting their best foot

Plastics are not compatible with domestic composting (ANSES - French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety)

Public Technologies | 2022-11-30, 05:11

) Plastics are not compatible with domestic composting More than one in three French people recycle their waste in garden or community composters. In addition to putting vegetable peels and scraps in them, some people add plastic waste, in particular

Magnetic material mops up microplastics in water

Science Daily | 2022-11-30, 03:32

Researchers have found an innovative way to rapidly remove hazardous microplastics from water using magnets. <!-- more --> ...

"Nanopillared" material removes microplastics from water via magnetism

New Atlas | 2022-11-29, 21:40

While the purification of wastewater once just involved the removal of traditional pollutants, it now also entails the removal of microplastic particles. A new powder reportedly does the job much quicker and more thoroughly than has previously been possible.

Allowing dogs off-leash under voice control didn't work: Letters

no EC Fosters | 2022-11-29, 19:09

Allowing dogs off-leash under voice control didn't work Nov. 17 − To The Editor: I read Mr. Newby’s letter to the Portsmouth City Council today that quotes an anonymous city official that wasinvolved in changing the leash law in 2005. It insinuates that the

Waste pickers risk their lives to stop plastic pollution – now they could help shape ...

The Conversation | 2022-11-29, 17:46

International waste pickers and allies visiting a sorting plant in Montevideo, Uruguay. Patrick O'Hare , Author provided Globally, waste pickers are responsible for collecting and recovering – from homes, businesses and landfills – up to 60% of all plastics

The Michael Stephen Column (Symphony Environmental Technologies plc)

Public Technologies | 2022-11-29, 16:06

) Today Michael talks about recycling, plastic exports and antimicrobials. This is a FREE article. RECYCLING Recycling is often used as an objection to making plastic degradable, but this is not a well-founded objection, for the reasons given at

Merkley, Warren, Wyden, Sanders Urge Ambitious Action to Combat Plastic Pollution (Jeff Merkley)

Public Technologies | 2022-11-29, 15:06

) Merkley, Warren, Wyden, Sanders Urge Ambitious Action to Combat Plastic Pollution Senators: "We are in the midst of a plastic pollution crisis - plastic pollution has been found everywhere from Arctic ice to mountain peaks in our national parks, to