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Rocket Watchers, Take Note: Here’s a List of 2023 Launches From Space Coast

The Epoch Times | 2023-02-02, 07:55

OrlandoThe Space Coast saw a record number of launches from the two facilities with 57 in 2022. Space

Live Updates: SpaceX targets early Thursday morning for a Falcon 9 Starlink launch from KSC

Florida Today | 2023-02-02, 07:38

Follow live updates as SpaceX targets 2:58 a.m. ET on Thurs., Feb. 2, for the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket from Pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center. ...

Space Coast bustling with 4 crew launches on tap from SpaceX, Boeing

no EC Decatur Daily | 2023-02-02, 07:32

Before summer, 14 more humans could launch from U.S. soil as SpaceX has three missions set to lift off from Kennedy Space Center on Crew Dragons while Boeing looks to send its CST-100 Starliner up to the International Space Station for the first time with

A new model for dark matter

Technology Org | 2023-02-02, 07:27

remains one of the greatest mysteries of modern physics. It is clear that it must exist because without dark matter, for example, the motion of galaxies cannot be explained. But it has never been possible to detect dark matter in an experiment. This NASA

Umbrella Project provides a space for grieving young adults: overnight backpacking trips along the AT

no EC Frederick News-Post | 2023-02-02, 06:15

Norah Candito had never gone on an overnight hiking trip. Nor was she aware of an organization that took young people like her, grieving the death of a loved one, on extended hiking trips along the Appalachian Trail. And even ...

NASA Selects Two Brevard County Firms Among 11 Finalists of Deep Space Food Challenge

Space Coast Daily | 2023-02-02, 05:48

NASA & SPACE NEWS NASA has selected 11 finalists, including two Brevard County companies, in Phase 2 of the Deep Space Food Challenge, a public competition to extend the limits of humans in space – through food. A first-of-its-kind coordinated effort between

New space radar commissioned in Western Australia

The Daily Telegraph Australia | 2023-02-02, 05:41

A new space radar has recently been commissioned by LeoLabs in Western Australia as the “sixth

Watch 2 astronauts perform 2nd spacewalk of 2023 on Thursday morning

Space | 2023-02-02, 05:32

NASA astronaut Nicole Mann and Japan's Koichi Wakata are scheduled to make the second spacewalk of 2023 on Thursday morning (Feb. 2), and you can watch it live. ...

Can we restore England’s lost wildlife? – podcast

The Guardian | 2023-02-02, 05:26

This week the government published a major environmental improvement plan for England. It has pledged that every household will be within a 15-minute walk of green space or water, the restoration of 1.2m acres of wildlife habitat, and that sewage spills will

Space Tourism Is No Waste

The American Spectator | 2023-02-02, 05:12

The commercial space industry is set for takeoff. The small list of companies offering commercial space flights is set to grow this year, with Virgin Galactic recently announcing that it is still on track to begin commercial flights. Despite the excitement

China is sending rice to space to create new varieties

Manila Bulletin | 2023-02-02, 05:06

Space breeding involves the production of a new

Astronomers Come Closer to Understanding How Mercury Formed

Universe Today | 2023-02-02, 03:55

Simulations of the formation of the solar system have been largely successful. They are able to replicate the positions of all the major planets along with their orbital parameters. But current simulations have an extreme amount of difficulty getting the

Soon Every Spacecraft can Navigate the Solar System Autonomously Using Pulsars

Universe Today | 2023-02-02, 03:55

If you want to know where you are in space, you’d better bring along a map. But it’s a little more complicated than riding shotgun on a family road trip. Spacecraft navigation beyond Earth orbit is usually carried out by mission control. A series of radio

Astronomers Document a Not-so-Super Supernova in the Milky Way

The Epoch Times | 2023-02-02, 03:41

WASHINGTON—Supernovas are not always so super. These explosions that mark the death of a star often are spectacularly

S&T and Space Budgets….no major push

Financial Express | 2023-02-02, 03:05

Union Budget: Additional allocation to DST is also interesting, the entire amount of Rs 2000 crore is put under one head, called National Research Foundation (NRF). Follow Us By DrAjeyLele Budget 2023: On Feb 01, 2023 India’s budget for the financial year

From dinosaurs to astronauts, Brisbane's World Science Festival 2023 is set to draw crowds

Australia's first female astronaut is unveiled as one of the World Science Festival's biggest drawcards as the event returns to Australia for the first time since 2019. ...

Dead Space Remake Glitch Gives Game Old-School Resident Evil Camera

Game Rant | 2023-02-02, 01:46

A video clip shared by a Dead Space remake player shows a glitch that

Dead Space Remake Impossible Run Attempt Ends in Heartbreak

Game Rant | 2023-02-02, 01:46

One brave gamer attempted to complete an Impossible run in

Esri Signs Space Act Agreement with NASA

Algeria Times | 2023-02-02, 01:45

More NASA-Published Earth Science Data Services Will Be Accessible in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World The science community at large is undertaking critical work, researching solutions to the worlds most pressing challenges, many of which require a geographic

Rolls-Royce Reveals a Nuclear Reactor That Could Provide Power on the Moon

Universe Today | 2023-02-02, 00:36

For space agencies and the commercial space industry, the priorities of the next two decades are clear. First, astronauts will be sent to the Moon for the first time since the Apollo Era, followed by the creation of permanent infrastructure that will allow

Australian National University vice-chancellor to step down after eight years on the job

Brian Schmidt announces he will resign as vice-chancellor in a state of the university address, saying he wants a "somewhat balanced life" again. ...

Dead Space Remake: Into the Void Walkthrough (Chapter 7)

Game Rant | 2023-02-02, 00:06

With the USG Ishimura now free of poison gas for

Davis-based Build Beyond seeks to build structures in orbit using space junk

Business Journal | 2023-02-01, 23:58

A Davis startup has built a device to harvest waste metal in orbit, and then use

The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster: How NASA honored the astronauts with a memorial on Mars

no EC Fox31 Denver | 2023-02-01, 23:46

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – It's been 20 years since the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas, killing all seven astronauts on board in a disaster that marked one of our space program's darkest days. The Columbia crew patch, image courtesy of NASA.

Astronomers Detect a Second Planet Orbiting Two Stars

Universe Today | 2023-02-01, 23:07

Planets orbiting binary stars are in a tough situation. They have to contend with the gravitational pull of two separate stars. Planetary formation around a single star like our Sun is relatively straightforward compared to what circumbinary planets go

Watch explosive new space history made at historic NASA test stand

no EC Marietta Daily Journal | 2023-02-01, 23:07

Using an historic Apollo era test stand at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, commercial space company Sierra Space inflated a prototype space habitat that could one day serve as a home to astronauts until it blew up. It ...

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NASA / Joel Kowsky
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